Arsmondo Mediterranean Festival
From 25 April to 20 May

The Mediterranean Sea is a vast expanse at the intersection of multiple civilizations, languages and religions—a barrier but also a bridge between countries of astounding diversity. Over millennia, the regions around its shores have traded, united and fought with one another. They have witnessed migrations of every description, fruitful intermixing and extraordinary cultural amalgamation.

Arsmondo, the interdisciplinary arts festival sponsored by Opéra national du Rhin, was established to shine a light on transnational cultures. For 2025, it turns its attention to the Mediterranean, an immense swathe of water that has doubtless helped shape Western thinking. Through partnerships forged with other institutions and organizations in Strasbourg, Arsmondo Mediterranean will feature concerts, readings, film screenings, exhibitions, talks and roundtables, all designed to explore the commonalities of Mediterranean countries. In addition, it will examine how the Mediterranean countries of southern Europe, North Africa and the western Middle East have influenced cultures in the north through their stories and imagination.

The full programme of the Arsmondo Méditerranée Festival will be unveiled in January 2025.