La Sinne


Oct 05Nov 09, 2023

Entracte compris.
Spectacle présenté avec des musiques enregistrées et piano en direct.
Programme pour l’ensemble de la compagnie.

Une courte introduction vous est proposée 30 min. avant chaque représentation pour vous familiariser avec l’œuvre.

Avec le soutien de Fidelio.


Franz Schubert left an indelible mark of Romanticism on the history of music. Born in Vienna in 1798, he was a student of Salieri and became one of Beethoven’s most ardent admirers. Despite Schubert’s early death at the age of 31, the composer achieved a prolific output of over a thousand works. From string quartets, symphonies and sonatas to fantasies and operas, he explored all forms with the same uncompromising spirit. Schubert is also well known for perfecting the art of the lied, most notably with Die schöne Müllerin, Winterreise and the posthumous Schwanengesang (Swan Song), three cycles that brilliantly reflect the themes that obsessed him throughout his life: love, hope, disappointment, melancholy, sadness, nature and, above all, the futile search for another world, forever out of reach.

On a set designed by the painter Silvère Jarrosson, the choreographers of the OnR Ballet play out a musical drama centred on Schubert the man and his works, interpreted by the pianist Bruno Anguera Garcia. A dozen profoundly personal and unique works make up this new Schubert cycle, which also features several young singers from the Opéra Studio.

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