La Filature


May 29Jun 29, 2022
6 - 90 €
Age limit
From 12 years

Including interval
Recommended for ages 12 and over.
With the support of Fidelio.


Musical Director David Charles Abell Stage Design Barrie Kosky, Otto Pichler Choreography Otto Pichler Concept Barrie Kosky Lighting Franck Evin Choirmaster Alessandro Zuppardo CCN • Ballet de l'Opéra national du Rhin, Orchestre symphonique de Mulhouse


Maria Madison Nonoa Tony Jeffrey Kringer Anita Amber Kennedy Riff Bart Aerts Chino Marin Delavaud Action Thomas Bernier A-Rab Maxime Pannetrat Baby John Léo Gabriel Snowboy Antoine Beauraing Big Deal Zoltan Zmarzlik Diesel Shane Dickson Anybodys Laura Buhagiar Graziella Emmanuelle Guélin Velma Ana Karina Enriquez Gonzalez Pepe Jesse Lyon Rosalia Valentina Del Regno Consuelo Sofia Naït Francisca Alice Pernão


A tale of rivalry between two street gangs. Proud descendants of European immigrants, the Jets under its leader Riff control Manhattan's Upper West Side. But their dominance is threatened by the Sharks, led by Bernardo, a gang of young Puerto Ricans who have recently settled in a city where the American Dream runs up against the harsh realities of racism and insecurity. Sick and tired of a life of brawling, Tony, Riff's best friend, dreams of a better life. At a ball he meets Maria, Bernardo's sister. Forgetting the violence of the world in which they live, the young couple declare their love. But like Romeo and Juliette before them, they are thwarted by the hatred that consumes their respective communities. Broadway comes to Alscace! Sixty-five years since it premiered, West Side Story is just as topical today. Stage director Barrie Kosky and choreographer Otto Pischler put their own stamp on this classic musical in a production of light and shade, celebrating the force of the body. This compelling production is presented for the first time outside the Komische Oper Berlin with a cast of over sixty performers including the entire OnR Ballet company.

In English
Overtitled in French, German

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