La Filature


Sep 15Oct 03, 2021
6 - 48 €
Age limit
From 10 years

With interval


Compositeur Hans Abrahamsen Librettiste Henrik Engelbrecht Musical Director Robert Houssart Concept James Bonas, Grégoire Pont Stage Director James Bonas Video and Animation Grégoire Pont Stage set, Costumes Thibault Vancraenenbroeck Lighting Christophe Chaupin Choirmaster Alessandro Zuppardo Chœur de l’Opéra national du Rhin, Orchestre philharmonique de Strasbourg


Gerda Lauren Snouffer Kay Rachael Wilson Grandmother/Old Lady/Finnish Woman Helena Rasker The Snow Queen/Reindeer/Clock David Leigh Forest Crow Michael Smallwood Castle Crow Théophile Alexandre Princess Floriane Derthe Le Prince Moritz Kallenberg Soprani solistes Dilan Ayata, Emmanuelle Schuler


Beyond the Arctic Circle, the mysterious Snow Queen lives alone in her ice palace protected by a formidable army of snowflakes. One day, she snatches Kay, a young boy whose heart was turned as cold and numb as an iceberg by a splinter from a cursed ancient mirror. Gerda, his best friend before his heart was pierced, heads off in search of him. During her epic journey, the girl stays with an old woman and her enchanted flowers, converses with two wise crows, meets a prince and princess, and is helped by a kind reindeer. Her unwavering determination takes her to the coldest corners of the northern kingdom where the aurora borealis is the only light. A philosophical coming-of-age adventure, The Snow Queen is adapted from one of Andersen's most captivating stories. For his debut opera, Hans Abrahamsen's evocative score creates a soundscape that unleashes nature's elementary forces. Animation maestro Grégoire Pont and stage director James Bonas have transformed the tale into an enchanting opera brought to life by animated images that interact with the cast.

In English
Overtitled in French, German

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