Comédie de Colmar


Théâtre de Hautepierre


La Filature
Dec 15, 2021May 20, 2022
Age limit
From 7 years

Without interval
Recommended for ages 7 and over.
With the support of Fidelio.


Transcription and musical arrangement Didier Puntos Stage Design Emilie Capliez Set Design Alban Ho Van Costumes Alban Ho Van, Marjolaine Mansot Lighting Bruno Marsol Orchestre de la HEAR


The Child Brenda Poupard The Princess/Bat Lauranne Oliva The Fire/Shepherd Girl/Nightingale/Owl Floriane Derthe The Mother/China cup/Dragonfly Liying Yang The Shepherdess/Shepherd/Cat/Squirrel Elsa Roux Chamoux The Teapot/Arithmetic (Little Old Man)/Tree frog Damian Arnold The Clock/Cat Damien Gastl The Armchair/Tree Oleg Volkov


"I hate everyone! I am naughty!" After refusing to do his homework, a child is sent to the attic hungry until bedtime. During a tantrum, he sends the teapot flying, extinguishes the fire, rips his schoolbooks to shreds, slashes paintings, breaks the clock, and terrorizes a squirrel. Intoxicated by his dominion over the world he has destroyed, he attempts to fall asleep in an armchair, which tips him out so it can dance. Before the flabbergasted child, his inanimate objects come to life: the Teapot and China cup have a boxing match, the Fire grumbles and threatens the naughty boy, while the Princess awakes from her fairy tale. The animals in the garden — cats, tree frogs, dragonflies, bats, and squirrels — take turns in tormenting the child, intent on teaching him a lesson in compassion. Maurice Ravel gave each magic spell dreamed up by Collette a color and a musical style. Jazz, a waltz, a Spanish dance, a neoclassical sarabande, and soaring lyrics unfurl one after the other in a kaleidoscopic opera that will tour the Grand Est region in this intimate production featuring the singers of the Opéra Studio and four musicians.

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