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La Sinne


Oct 11Nov 18, 2018
6 - 38 €
Age limit
From 14 years


Fireflies [ creation ]
Bruno Bouché

Choreography Bruno Bouché Music Nicolas Worms Dramaturgy Costumes Thibaut Welchlin Lighting Tom Klefstad

La Table verte
Kurt Jooss

Pièce pour 16 danseurs
Création en 1932 au Théâtre des Champs-Elysées, Paris

Livret, Chorégraphie Kurt Jooss Musique F.A. Cohen Pianos Maxime Georges, Vérène Rimlinger Costumes Hein Heckroth Lumières, masques Hermann Markard


Spectres of Europe takes the form of a diptych examining the past and the fate of our continent exactly one hundred years after the end of the First World War. With The Green Table, a piece by Kurt Jooss premiered in Paris just months before Adolf Hitler rose to power, the expressionist aesthetics are fuelled by echoes of the Mediaeval Dance of Death to evoke - often sarcastically - all the horrors of oppression and war. As for Bruno Bouché, he is setting his creation to music by Johann Sebastian Bach and Sufjan Stevens, with the complicity of the musician Nicolas Worms. Fireflies, as this dance company creation is entitled, is at once a political comment and a poetic gesture, and particularly recalls the figure of Pier Paolo Pasolini. Metaphors of a spirit of the resistance living on the fringe of the ordered world, fireflies are fragile luminescent rhizomes that glitter in the night. Fireflies is the first collaboration between the writer Daniel Conrod, an associate artist of the Ballet of the OnR, and Bruno Bouché.

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