Théâtre municipal de Colmar


La Sinne


Oct 21Nov 18, 2020
12 - 38 €


Bless--Ainsi soit-IL

[entered the repertoire of the OnR Ballet in 2018]

Chorégraphie Bruno Bouché Musique Jean-Sébastien Bach Piano Maxime Georges Costumes Thibaut Welchlin Lumières Tom Klefstad


[current repertoire]

Spectacle présenté avec des musiques enregistrées

Chorégraphie et scénographie Angelin Preljocaj Musique Stéphane Roy, Antonio Vivaldi Costumes Nathalie Sanson Lumières Jacques Chatelet Mise en répétition Claudia De Smet

Poussière de terre


Spectacle présenté avec des musiques enregistrées

Chorégraphie, costumes et scénographie Alba Castillo Musique Goldmund, Karin Borg, Bryce Dessner, Lawrence English, Brian Eno, Nils Frahm, Jóhann Jóhannsson, Bruno Sanfilippo Lumières, scénographie Lukas Wiedmer


The OnR Ballet pursues its Specters of Europe series joined by three choreographers who each bring their own lyrical interpretation of contemporary society. Bless-ainsi soit-Il by Bruno Bouché, the OnR Ballet's Artistic Director, is to be revived after it was staged here two years ago. This pas de deux for two men is based on the bible story of Jacob and the angel.

It is followed by another piece inspired by a central biblical tale, this time from the New Testament: the Archangel Gabriel's announcement to Mary. With Annonciation, which is making its debut in the repertoire, Angelin Preljocaj takes an alternative perspective on the theme of "specter": Gabriel suddenly appearing in Mary's life to announce great change ahead -- for her life, her body, and the world to come.

The evening will conclude with a premiere of Poussière de Terre, commissioned from Alba Castillo, a Barcelona-born choreographer who has been living in Basel for nearly 10 years, which explores similar world themes.

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