Arsmondo Utopia Festival
12 April to 7 May

Etymologically, utopia means “nowhere”. The word, coined by Thomas More in his satire published in 1516, refers to an imaginary island where the ideal society exists. Since then, fictitious places have featured in many works of literature, art and film. The fantasy of the perfect society has guided politics and fueled ideologies. It’s a leitmotiv that runs through the operas Lohengrin and Guercœur, inspiring the 2024 Arsmondo Festival on the theme of utopia and imaginary places. As always, Arsmondo will bring together an eclectic program of operas, concerts, exhibitions, readings, films and talks around the subject of transnational cultures. For this edition, however, the festival will enter a parallel universe to explore the concept of utopia instead of real countries. The reference to Thomas More’s book links this sixth Arsmondo Festival to Strasbourg’s role as the 2024 World Book Capital. And as utopia spans fiction and politics, there will be a special focus on ideas and debates in this city that is a cornerstone of the European project. As well as presenting literature and films depicting ideal societies, we will uncover utopian works in invented languages and allegedly perfect forms in collaboration with other Strasbourg institutions and community groups who are always closely involved in our festival.