CMD, Cité de la Musique et de la Danse
Apr 28, 2024
11:00 AM
6 - 12 €


From the dark depths of the ocean, the “Nauti-Octopus” gradually emerges. Inside this strange half-animal, half-machine craft is an old man. Nemo, unrecognizable, is still unconscious. He awakens, emaciated, from a lengthy coma. His first memories return: “Captain... I was a captain… I’m Captain Nemo.” At the helm, staring out through the enormous porthole, Nemo at first wants to believe he is in control of the Nauti-Octopus, before realizing it is an illusion. As the craft gradually rises to the surface, images from his life come flooding back: the Nautilus, meeting Professor Aronnax, then the mysterious island, the engineer Cyrus Smith and his companions… Where will the Nauti-Octopus take him now? François Schuiten and Benoit Peeters, authors of the famous comic book series Les Cités Obscures, have worked closely with Bruno Letort for many years. Together with singer Xavier de Lignerolles, percussionist Pierre Quiriny and clarinetist Jean-Marc Fessard, they have created a multimedia show based on Jules Verne and his legendary character, Captain Nemo.

François Schuiten illustrator
Benoît Peeters narrator
Bruno Letort composer and musician
Xavier de Lignerolles singer
Pierre Quiriny percussionist
Jean-Marc Fessard bass clarinettist
Félix de Lemos videographer

As part of Strasbourg - UNESCO World Book Capital 2024
In partnership with Sillages