Opéra, Salle Ponnelle
Apr 13, 2024
7:00 PM
6 - 12 €

Standing room


The Espace Django has been actively nurturing Strasbourg’s music scene since 2016. In the spirit of utopia, the center will bring the three beneficiaries of its current talent incubation program together for an exciting and eclectic evening of aural entertainment as part of the Arsmondo Festival. Expect to hear the Latin and Balkan-inspired melodies of the female-led Las Baklavas fuse with the saturated riffs of post-punk band Pales and the keyboard and vocals of Béatrice Melissa aka Biêm. Under the baton of the multifaceted artist Chapelier Fou, the performers will be given the freedom to improvise in a space that lets their musical expression and instruments truly shine. Don’t think of this as a concert but a chance to witness a creative work in progress that builds to an extraordinary conclusion. Uniting three different but, we hope to show, compatible musical universes, this original jam session is musical utopia to our ears.