Comédie de Colmar


La Filature


Sep 11Oct 02, 2022
3:00 PM

Co-production with the Comédie de Colmar


Soprano Floriane Derthe, Lauranne Oliva Mezzo-soprano Brenda Poupard, Liying Yang Tenor Glen Cunningham, Iannis Gaussin Baritone Andrei Maksimov Baritone/bass Oleg Volkov Piano Levi Gerke, Hugo Mathieu Musiciens de la HEAR Comédiens du conservatoire de Colmar


Walkabout through ten miniature operas. A celebration of 50 years of the Opéra national du Rhin (OnR). Ariadne abandoned by Theseus laments her fate (Monteverdi). Thetis spurns Jupiter and Neptune who fight for her love (Rameau). Lucretia swears vengeance on her rapist Sextus Tarquinius (Handel). Andromeda bewails the death of Perseus who once saved her from a sea monster (Mozart). Joan of Arc envisions her mother in a dream and then the angel of death (Rossini). A melancholic exile remembers his past (Verdi). Two Grand Army grenadiers cross Germany after fleeing the Russian campaign (Wagner). Gusmano, the commander of the Moorish army in Spain, senses imminent defeat with his daughter (Puccini). Gambling fever and the depths of the Mediterranean draw desperate souls to Monte Carlo (Poulenc). Comic opera becomes a comic strip—boing, shebang, pow, blop, whizz (Berberian)!
From the dawn of Baroque music to the radical sounds of the twentieth century, (Hi)story of Opera explores four hundred years of lyrical art through ten arias and cantatas composed by the opera greats. Each of these miniature operas explores a facet of the human emotional spectrum—from love, guilt and rage to determination and desperation—told from the poignant perspective of a single protagonist. An anthology of musical novellas performed by young musicians from the Opéra Studio of the OnR, staged in a walkabout by Émilie Capliez and Myriam Marzouki.

Walkabout through ten miniature operas :

Claudio Monteverdi – Lamento d’Arianna Jean-Philippe Rameau – Thétis Georg Friedrich Haendel – La Lucrezia Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – Ah, lo previdi! Giacomo Puccini – Crisantemi & Mentìa l’avviso Gioachino Rossini – Giovanna d’Arco Richard Wagner – Les Deux Grenadiers Giuseppe Verdi – L’esule Francis Poulenc – La Dame de Monte-Carlo Cathy Berberian – Stripsody

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