Théâtre municipal de Colmar


La Sinne


Opéra, Salle Ponnelle
Jan 04Jun 18, 2023
Age limit
From 6 years

Duration: 50 min. with no interval.
From age 6.


Stage direction, text and scenography by Valérie Lesort Musical adaptation Marine Thoreau La Salle Lighting and scenery Pascal Laajili Puppets made by Sami Adjali, Carole Allemand, Valérie Lesort Opéra Studio


Orphée Brenda Poupard Eurydice Lauranne Oliva Amour Floriane Derthe with the voice of Christian Hecq Piano (alternating) Levi Gerke, Rosa Ji-Hyun Kim


In Greek mythology, fate tends to strike at the worst possible moment and not even the beautiful nymph Eurydice can escape her destiny: dying by snakebite on her wedding day. Orpheus, devastated, is inconsolable until Cupid pays a visit, telling him he can bring back Eurydice from Hades on two conditions: he must use his enchanting music to release her soul and must not look back at her until they have returned to Earth. Without a second thought, Orpheus descends to hell and tames with his magic lyre the strange creatures he encounters. The journey back with Eurydice in full existential crisis mode—who wouldn’t after all she’s been through?—is the ultimate test.
In A Little Stroll in Hell, Valérie Lesort and Marine Thoreau La Salle put their own amusing and original spin on Gluck’s version of the myth of Orpheus and Eurydice. The most resplendent arias of this repertoire classic are woven together with new razor-sharp dialogue, performed by mishmashed characters and a merry band of marionettes. A rip-roaring odyssey for every age told in under sixty minutes, on tour around the Grand Est region.

Touring opera.

Every year, the Opéra National du Rhin takes its touring opera on the road around Alsace and the Grand Est region. This chamber production featuring young artistes from the Opéra Studio will be performed in the OnR’s three residency cities before touring across the local region performing to audiences who may be less familiar with the whimsical storytelling and high emotion of opera. A chance for the public to discover or rediscover this performance art in their hometown! In spring 2023, La Petite Balade aux Enfers will be staged in various locations around Bas-Rhin, Haut-Rhin, Moselle and Vosges.

The tour is under construction so please check the dates of other performances from September 2022.

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