Espace Django
Apr 02, 2020
8:00 PM
6 - 15 €

ARSMONDO India Infos & tickets Espace Django


As part of Arsmondo India, Espace Django welcomes Dhoad who, from the confines of Rajasthan, brings us captivating and delicate music that will draw on the roots of the gypsy world. The artists of this troupe which performs on all continents invite you on a spectacular and festive journey. Inspired by a strong spirituality, their land expresses itself through this deep alliance of art and religion. And their music, enriched by the incessant wanderings of these virtuoso acrobats, is identified by groove accents that blend harmoniously with the sounds of traditional instruments. The charismatic group leader Rahis Bharti was educated from a very young age to the requirement of traditional music and animated by an extraordinary energy became a world-renowned musician.

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