Multidisciplinary artist, he develops projects with multiple artistic tools and languages, always based on research and curiosity based on the basics of Argentine tango. Born in Buenos Aires, he trained in traditional tango places at the same time as he studied linguistics (University of Buenos Aires). Between theoretical questions and on movement, he was also interested in drawing, video and several dance disciplines. In 2012, he began to develop choreographic projects and performances. In 2016, he created and published a proposal for a choreographic notation system for tango, a project for which he also offered conferences, workshops and dance performances. He has carried out projects for the Tanztheater Pina Bausch (Nur Du), the Pina Bausch Foundation, the company Les choses de rien (Boris Gibé), the Leipzig Opera Ballet and for dancers of the National Opera Ballet from Paris. As a choreographer, he developed his first projects in Buenos Aires and, since 2015, as an associate artist of Incidence Chorégraphique, in France. He has created pieces in collaboration with musicians: Solo à deux (a piece for bandoneonist and dancer) and Abrazos (with the Orchestra La Grossa). With the Ballet de l'Opera national du Rhin, he signed the scenography for Dancing Bach in the XXI Century (2017), and the staging and choreography of Maria de Buenos Aires (2019). He is currently artist-associate of the Autonomous Actors Factory. With an aesthetic universe that questions language and movement, he is part of the new generation of tango which is opening up to other creative fields.

Update April 2020

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