Sep 16Sep 21, 2023

No interval.
With the support of Fidelio.

Prologue : One hour before each performance, you are welcome to attend a brief introduction of 30 minutes to learn more about the show and its production.


Direction musicale Bassem Akiki Mise en scène, décors, vidéo, lumières Simon Steen-Andersen Costumes Thibaut Welchlin


Une Ombre, Alecto, Francesca, etc. Sandrine Buendia Donna Elvira, Tisiphone, Eurydice, etc. Julia Deit-Ferrand Faust, Une Parque, Dante, etc. François Rougier Don Giovanni, le Hollandais, Orphée, etc. Christophe Gay Le Commandeur, Polystophélès Damien Pass Leporello, Charon, Scarpia, etc. Geoffroy Buffière Ictus, Chœur de l’Opéra national du Rhin, Orchestre philharmonique de Strasbourg


“Repent, this is your last chance!” Don Giovanni tries to break free from the icy clutches of the Commendatore’s statue. “No, proud old man!” “Then your time is up!” Flames erupt from all sides and the earth begins to tremble beneath his feet. A chorus of demons shriek: “This horror is nothing compared to your sins! There is worse to come!” Screaming in terror, Don Giovanni is hurled into the underworld to wander among tormented souls and their eternal torturers. His earthly days as a libertine over, he embarks on a comic odyssey into the operatic abyss, following in the footsteps of Dante and Orpheus and meeting along the way cursed and diabolical characters drawn from 400 years of repertoire.

Danish artist, composer, director and videographer Simon Steen-Andersen tackles a major theme that has permeated opera throughout its history: the descent into hell. Cleverly combining collage, deconstruction and transposition, he takes characters, situations and music from a wide range of operatic works spanning Rameau to Berlioz to Boito and twists and turns them into a spectacular new piece that opens with the closing scene of Mozart's Don Giovanni. Weaving together different aesthetics, time periods and languages, this production plunges the audience into the bowels of the most infernal of machines: theatre.

Several spoken languages
Subtitles in French and German

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