Israeli performer and choreographer Shahar Biniamini was born on 1988 in Lod, Israel. Danced in the Batsheva dance Company from 2007-2013. Today, as an independent Choreographer and artist, he creates choreographies for theaters and companies Such as Frontier Dancland Company in Singapore, Norrdans dance company in Sweden, Batsheva dance comapny in Israel, Saarbrucken Theater and Gauthier dance company in Germany.
As a teacher for Gaga movement language, Shahar continue to direct artistically the Gaga intensive courses in Tel Aviv and previously in Italy, Los Angeles and Japan . Since 2013, Together with professor Atan Gross from the Weizmann institute in Israel, Shahar established a research group of dancers and scientists which are based in Weizmann institute and explore the connection between science and movement.

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