Stage manager, sound and light, he worked in various Alsatian cultural centers, then alongside Pierre Barrat at the Atelier Lyrique du Rhin in Colmar, Les Fédérés by Jean-Louis Hourdin in Montlucon, Le Théatre du Radeau by Francois Tanguy in Le Mans , the Contre Jour company by Odile Duboc, le Théâtre de la Truelle by Yves Reynaud in Strasbourg, Francois Rancillac and Olivier Py at the People's Theater in Bussang. In 1991, he became Patrice Trottier's assistant for Olivier Py's company. Subsequently, he began a long collaboration with Laurent Gutmann and then signed almost the light of all his shows. Since then he has worked as a lighting designer for various theater projects with Catherine Marnas, Arnaud Churin, Jean-Baptiste Sastres... For dance with Claudia Triozzi, Olga De Soto, Sylvain Prunenec, Richard Siegal, Jérome Bel, Julie Nioche, Cuqui Jerez, Prue Lang, Juan Dominguez... For music and opera with Gérard Pesson and Annette Messger, Guiseppe Friggeni, Pierre-Emmanuel Rousseau and Lilo Baur...

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