Cinéma Le Cosmos
Mar 09, 2020
8:00 PM
5 - 8,50€



1955 – 125 min – Original version w. FR subs
Cast: Kanu Bannerjee, Karuna Bannerjee, Subir Bannerjee, Uma Das Gupta…

First part of the famous Apu Trilogy which earned Satjyajit Ray international recognition. In the Bengal region in 1910. The Ray family lives in the ancestral house which is falling apart due to lack of maintenance. The father, an indebted Brahmin, can no longer feed his family. His six-year-old daughter steals fruit from a neighbour's orchard. His wife soon gives birth to a son, Apu. Years go by. One day, tired of leading this miserable life, Apu decides to go to the city in the hope of earning a little money...

The Indian filmmaker Satyajit Ray (1921-1992), who was born in Calcutta, remains one of the greatest poets in cinema history. Of the 37 films of his imposing career, ARSMONDO offers 5 of his most accomplished works, which combine an ability to create engaging and complex characters struggling with an arduous reality and a look at the evolution of Bengali society in particular. Satyajit Ray received an Oscar for his work in 1992.

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