Gil Carlos Harush, choreographer, psychotherapist and a dance teacher, born and raised in Israel. He graduated the Dance Department at the professional Thelma Yellin High School of the Arts, Tel Aviv. On 2007, Harush pursued a higher dance education at CODARTS Rotterdam Dance Academy, Holland. In Rotterdam, he created his first dance works as a choreographer and gained highly valued experience with creators and choreographers throughout Europe and Israel. Harush's creations illustrate real life situations and relationships, while combining drama and performance skills, with a strong accent on visual elements. There are always strong emphasis from the fields of Psychotherapy and his Body & Soul Balance studies. In 2010, Harush returned to Israel and established “Ensemble Gil Carlos & Family”, a dance and performance ensemble based in Tel Aviv. Later that year, Harush won the “Israeli Union of Performing Arts” award. Since, Harush has been invited for master classes of contemporary dance and repertoire around the world. On late 2011, under the artistic direction of Ms. Idit Herman, Harush presented his piece TAKANA at the Shades of Dance festival in Tel Aviv. The festival is known as one of the most important dance events in Israel. On 2012, Harush presented his full piece GOOD ENOUGH PARENTS at the Suzanne Dellal Center of Dance and Theater. The piece, has been presented at the international celebrations of 25 years relations between Israel and Ukraine. Later that year, Harush presented a solo work in the Other Dance Festival 2012 in Tel Aviv, under the artistic direction of Mr. Yair Vardi. Following the performance: "Gil C. Harush marks himself as a strong root of the Israeli dance scene" [City Mouse]. On March 2013, Harush participated in the Asylum Artists Retreat of the Roi Community & Six Points. Harush has been chosen as one of 50 artists from all over to world to meet, discuss and develop networks and international collaborations between artists. On that tour, Harush also presented a world premiere at the LA MAMA THEATER in New York City, WHITE WASH, in the frame of the Contemporary Dance Week. In August 2013, Harush established the EXPOSED DANCE WORKSHOP for selected students, which takes place at the studios of the "Batsheva Dance Company" in Tel Aviv. Harush has been selected to present a world premiere at the Curtain Up Festival 2013 under the artistic direction of Ms. Ronit Ziv. On 2014, Ensemble Gil Carlos Harush & Family presented DEADYCATE. The creation attracted attention around the world and has been presented several times in Israel and Europe. This creation had brought Gil Carlos Harush the first price at the French contemporary dance competition Synodales 2014. At the same year, Harush has been selected as the most influencing guest teacher in St. Petersburg, Russia. On 2015 the ensemble premiered the creation PERFECT PET in St. Petersburg, Russia. GARDEN - The ensemble’s 10th creation, premiered on May 2016. Since, these two creations has been presented in a variety of theaters and festivals in Europe, receiving praise and reviews. Since 2017, Harush is coordinating the "Area Young Ballet" and a superior dance formation in Geneva, and working as a psychotherapist in Madrid, Spain.On march 2018, he premiered THE HEART OF MY HEART for the Ballet de l'Opéra national du Rhin- Nominated for the “Best Creation Award” of 2017/18, France.

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