Musica Festival

15 September to 1 October 2023

Celebrating an anniversary is as much about looking back as looking forward. We celebrate life and think about the future, of course, but we also remember times past and the people who play a part in our memories. It is in this gap between appearance and disappearance, presence and survival, instinct for life and finitude, creation and legacy, that Musica’s fortieth anniversary program took shape. Investigating the space between presence and absence, appearance and disappearance, is not the same as mournful remembrance. Invoking life—survival—beyond the Styx is a fundamental task of art. This is what the festival invites audiences to do, from the opening weekend, with the world premiere of Simon Steen-Andersen’s opera Don Giovanni’s Inferno, Joris Lacoste’s production of A-Ronne (1974-1975) by Luciano Berio and the discovery of a forgotten French composer, Jean Catoire (1923-2005).

The full program is available at: