La Filature


Apr 27Jun 30, 2023

Duration: 1hr30 including interval.
Performed to recorded music.


Choreography Lucinda Childs, David Dawson, William Forsythe Music Max Richter, Thom Willems Words Haruki Murakami Scenography and costumes David Dawson, Bruno de Lavenère, William Forsythe Lighting David Dawson, Christophe Forey, William Forsythe Costumes Bruno de Lavenère, William Forsythe, Yumiko Takeshima


Songs From Before
[Repertoire. Created for the Ballet of the OnR in 2009.]

Piece for 12 dancers

Choreography Lucinda Childs Music Max Richter Words Haruki Murakami Scenography and costumes Bruno de Lavenère Lighting Christophe Forey

On the Nature of Daylight
[Repertoire. Created for the Semperoper Ballet in 2007. Entered the Ballet of the OnR repertoire in January 2022.]


Choreography David Dawson Music Max Richter Scenography and lighting David Dawson Costumes Yumiko Takeshima

Enemy in the Figure
[New in the repertoire. Premiered by the Ballet Frankfurt on 13 May 1989.]

Piece for 11 dancers

Choreography William Forsythe Music Thom Willems Scénographie, lumières et costumes William Forsythe


Somewhere in the world, a man waxes lyrical about the wonderfully trivial details of his surroundings: dawn brightening the horizon, puddles on the ground, the sound of raindrops on the ocean. His solitary musing reawakens past microcosms of memories in limbo danced by six couples to the poetic prose of Haruki Murakami and music by Max Richter. (Songs from Before) True love is a perfectly ordinary yet extraordinary mystery that takes two to tango. But how does one find the ideal partner? By chance or choice? And what happens if you get it wrong? (On the Nature of Daylight) An undulating screen traverses the stage diagonally to where a projector trolley stands. From the darkness emerge the ghostly figures of eleven dancers, their bodies in geometric convulsions contorting in the light against the throbbing rhythm of Thom Willems’ music. (Enemy in the Figure)
After the meanderings of aesthetics and history, this new instalment of Spectres of Europa homes in on the ethereal and abstract figures that inhabit our subconscious. The Ballet of the OnR brings together three pieces from its repertoire, choreographed by major figures in contemporary dance: the British David Dawson, and Lucinda Childs and William Forsythe, two American choreographers whose work has been shaped by European culture.

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