Opéra, Salle Ponnelle
Apr 25, 2023
7:00 PM
6 - 12 €


Flûtes Renaissance et modernes Keiko Murakami Hautbois moderne, baryton et hautbois d’amour Heidi Caillet Contrebasson, basson Thomas Quinquenel Trombone Thierry Spiesser Théorbe et guitare Caroline Delume Cymbalum, cimbalom Aleksandra Dzenisenia Direction Jean-Philippe Wurtz Ensemble Linea


Ensemble Linea invites us to explore the vast Slavic world and the equally vast imaginations of artists from the region. This varied program of ensemble and instrumental works offers both familiar compositions and more radical conceptual pieces. Aleksandra Dzenisenia’s cimbalom takes folk music off the page and through different melodies explores the notions of rootedness and uprootedness in a region marked by displacement and migration. The Renaissance flute and theorbo interact with modern-day instruments to echo this geographical and temporal diversity. The current conflict is reflected in the program, which includes À l’air libre, a piece written by Frédéric Durieux in protest at the imprisonment of the Belarusian musician and activist Maria Kalesnikava, winner of the Václav Havel Human Rights Prize (see Talks, p26). Durieux will continue to compose the piece until she is released.


Adam Jarzębski – Canzon prima, a quattro voci (arr. Paweł Malinowski)
Elena Rykova – New work in progress, création 2022
Viktor Voïtsik – Aquarelle
Adam Jarzębski – Canzon quarta, a quattro voci (arr. Paweł Malinowski)
Frédéric Durieux – À l’air libre
Paweł Malinowksi – Adagio sostenuto
Andrey Tsalko – Rhapsodie
Nina Šenk – Po jezeru
Valery Zhivalevsky – Variations sur une chanson populaire
Adam Jarzębski – Canzon quinta, a quattro voci (arr. Paweł Malinowski)