Cushion Concerts

Ever dreamed of coming to the Opéra national du Rhin to listen to fantastic artists and then get the chance to talk with them and even ask them questions, however serious or silly they might sound? Well now you can! These informal events are designed to waken all your senses and explore every aspect of the performing arts—the exhilaration and the joy, the constant fear of something going wrong. As the name suggests, simply bring your cushion and find a space to sit, close to the artists you have come to watch, and join your classmates, friends, brothers, sisters or cousins… the more the merrier! Our Cushion Concerts offer a variety of entertainment and are aimed at children aged 0 to 12. Come and experience music, song and dance, from your head to your toes, in a safe space. An up-close experience you will never forget! [A parent-free zone for children only ]