Musée d'Art moderne et contemporain de Strasbourg
Mar 01Apr 08, 2020
3,50 - 7€



From 1st March to 8 April / From Tuesday to Sunday, 10 am – 6 pm

Born in Delhi, photographer Dayanita Singh uses the staging of reality, but also the narration of the intimate, the anecdotal and the unspectacular to describe a multifaceted country. Her House of Love series offers so many sights of a kaleidoscopic reality, uncertain and shifting nocturnal atmospheres, a direct plunge into urban snapshots where life and death, the sacred and the triviality of everyday life are combined. From a book published in 2010, photos taken at night in several cities in India retrace the fictions extracted from the artist's travels and meetings

Music at the museum

In order to cross arts with an emphasis on music, the MAMCS offers a sound invitation which naturally finds its place at the heart of the Art of Noise section of the museum. To better immerse the visitor in the mixed sounds of Passages by Philip Glass and Ravi Shankar, one of the museum's rooms is transformed into a listening room. The meeting in Paris in the 1960s between Philip Glass and the Indian sitarist and composer Ravi Shankar gave birth to this hybrid and unclassifiable work, in 1990, mixing western and Indian minimalist music.