Emilie studied Graphic Design / Typography in Gent. She has been working as a graphic designer since, for festivals, theaters and performing artists. In her designs, form will always follow function. She considers the position of a graphic designer similar to that of a translator, searching for the visual language that goes with the given content, in an intuïtive but strongly structured way.\ Emilie was the head designer of Dutch event-company Arjan van Dijk Groep from 2006 to 2009. She was in charge of communication at Flanders Operastudio from 2009 to 2012 and is the in house designer of Festival van Vlaanderen Mechelen since 2018. She has created visual identities for several clients in the artistic scene, such as Nightingale and Middagconcerten Antwerpen.\ Drawing is her first passion. She illustrated children stories for Die Keure, De Eenhoorn, The House of Books, Hardscore and Van Halewyck, varying in style and medium. Lately she focusses on much darker, free artistic work - a series of sketches and engravings.\ Now and then she leaves small surfaces behind to paint murals or portraits, make interior installations or video projections. She made projections for Amaranthus Ensemble, Novecanto and Festival van Vlaanderen and has been drawing live during events several times.\ Emilie grew up in theatre. She designed sets and costumes for opera performances in Germany, Italy, Austria and Croatia. In Belgium she worked as a scenographer for Flanders Operastudio, The Flemish Opera and Het Paleis. She has been working as a press photographer, shooting theatrepieces at Rideau de Bruxelles for almost ten years. She recently created the campagne images for Concertgebouw Brugge's upcoming season.\ Lately she started to teach, organising art- and art history classes for young children in her own atelier during school holidays, and giving workshops to children, teenagers and adults for MUS-E Belgium and Theater Tartaar a.o.\ Emilie considers the variety in her practice as a plus. The different crafts inspire each other. Emilie is equally happy working alone in the silence of her atelier as being member of a team. She is always in for a challenge, believes in marvel, inspiration, poetry and simplicity. In life, she wants to learn, in art, she wants to give. And vice-versa.