Arsmondo Slavic Festival

Continuing its exploration of cultures that aren’t contained by national borders, the Arsmondo Festival will visit the Slavic region in spring 2023. Region? It’s more like a whole world. “Slavic” refers to an originally unified ethnic and linguistic group that originated in Ukraine’s Dnieper River basin but today covers an immense swathe of territory that unites strongly contrasting—even warring—countries. What connects these populations aside from related languages and common religions, starting with Orthodox Christianity? What do a Pole from Warsaw, a Croat from the Adriatic and a Russian from the Siberian Plains have in common? Could their artistic, literary and cultural common ground foster ties between peoples strong enough to overcome extreme nationalism and political enmity? To answer these questions from a unifying artistic perspective, Arsmondo—the interdisciplinary festival supported by the OnR—will offer an abundance of concerts, opera performances, exhibitions, film screenings, readings, Q&As and talks in association with its many partners.

The full program of the Arsmondo Slavic Festival will be revealed in January 2023