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Fidelio is...

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Loving opera is not only about attending unforgettable performances, it’s also about taking an interest in every aspect of what brings these shows to life. In addition to preferential prices and booking priority, Fidelio organizes special occasions that delve deeper into music and dance and explore OnR’s productions from different angles. Fidelio hosts regular events with the OnR’s musical directors, stage directors and artists, as well as backstage tours of the theatre, set and wardrobe studios. Members also receive invitations for staged rehearsals, and more.

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The season 2022-2023 with Fidelio

This season, Fidelio members contribute to the realization of the following projects:

Until the Lions

The Magic Flute


The Coronation of Poppaea

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Board of directors

  • Giusi Pajardi, President
  • Alain Perroux
  • Nadine Hirtzel
  • Elizabeth Demidoff-Avelot, Secretary General
  • Alain Vautravers, Vice-President
  • Yvan Jeanneret, Treasurer
  • Anne-Caroline Bindou
  • Anne Geisert
  • Sabine Haineaux
  • Christophe Kieffer
  • Marc-Daniel Roth
  • Valérie Hess, Honorary member
  • D.R.A.C. and the cities of Strasbourg, Mulhouse and Colmar