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Sleeping Beaux

Les Beaux dormants / Hélène Blackburn
(Sleeping Beaux)

Young audience ballet

Pièce pour 9 danseurs

A creation for young audiences designed by artists renowned worldwide. This encapsulates the Ballet of the OnR’s ambition to foster the link between children, adolescents and dance. Beaux dormants is the first choreography in a series based on fairy tales, a literary genre much loved on both sides of the river Rhine. Choreographer Hélène Blackburn is fascinated by the moment when childhood bursts into adolescence, when puberty changes young people’s relationship with the world, a painful rite of passage sometimes evocative of struggling through a thorny forest towards adulthood. For this creation for 9 dancers, the choreography has been broadly inspired by Tchaikovsky’s Sleeping Beauty. The choreographic language of Beaux dormants is based on classical vocabulary, including points, and grand theatricality.

Choreography, Set Design and Costumes
Hélène Blackburn
Musical creation Martin Tétreault
Lighting Émilie B-Beaulieu,
Hélène Blackburn

In collaboration with the team of Compagnie Cas Public
Daphnée Laurendeau, Cai Glover,
Francine Liboiron, Mickaël Spinnhirny

Ballet de l’Opéra national du Rhin

Show performed to recorded music

© plainpicture/Man Betov

Dates & places

Mulhouse - La Sinne

Colmar - Comédie De l'Est

  • Thu 22 March 19 h
  • Fri 23 March 19 h
  • Sat 24 March 15 h

Strasbourg - Auditorium de la Cité de la Musique et de la Danse