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Le nozze di Figaro - bande-annonce
Le nozze di Figaro - bande-annonce

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Sheep / Sophie Kassies

[French creation]

Musical theatre set to the works of Henry Purcell, Georg Friedrich Händel and Claudio Monteverdi
Premiered on 30th January 2005 at Jeugdtheater Sonnevanck in Enschede (Netherlands)
Production of the Junge Oper Stuttgart

Once upon a time… there was a sheep! In the wake of its immense success in the German world, this children’s opera is being performed in France for the first time. A clever mix of Baroque music composed by Monteverdi, Purcell and Handel form the backdrop for Sophie Kassies to subtly and poetically evoke a difficult journey of self-discovery. Confident Mouton lives with his flock. His life changes when he makes friends with Lorenzo, a runaway prince who refuses his future as king and has decided to hide among these woolly four-footed creatures. Mouton helps him conceal his crown. They are now fast friends. “A friend must have a name,” declares Lorenzo, but Mouton doesn’t have one. He decides to search the world to find one. One fantastic adventure follows another. In the end, Mouton comes back to his flock. But his return isn’t easy. He’s no longer just one of the flock. Will he be accepted by the other sheep?

Stage Director Rogier Hardeman
Set Design and costumes Anna Stolze
Translation Mike Tijssens
Musical preparation Benoît Haller

Sheep Julien Freymuth
Sheep 2 and other roles Anaïs Yvoz
Sheep 3/ Prince and other roles Sébastien Dutrieux
Cimbalom / Sheep 4 and other roles Yoann Moulin*
Harp / Sheep 5 and other roles Marie Bournisien*
Double Bass / Sheep 2 and other roles Elodie Peudepiece*

* Musiciens de La Chapelle Rhénane

Direction Benoît Haller


In French,
surtitles in French and German

© plainpicture/Design Pics/Helene Cyr

Dates & places

Colmar - Théâtre municipal

  • Wed 20 December 14 h 30
  • Fri 22 December 19 h

Strasbourg - Auditorium de la Cité de la Musique et de la Danse

Mulhouse - La Sinne