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Il barbiere di Siviglia - Bande-annonce
Il barbiere di Siviglia - Bande-annonce

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Educational facilities



Educational projects

Teaching activities are proposed for each group working on an operatic or choreographic show to back up the learning path. Depending on the relevance to the project, the level of the groups, the experience and profile of the students and the options available, the following may be organised:

- visits (theatres, the Choreography Centre, workshops);
- watching an opera, dance rehearsal or a ballet class;
- classroom activities with an artist from the Opéra national du Rhin.

The young audiences department also provides the following for teachers and group leaders:

- educational audiovisual documents;
- teaching kits;
- teaching files.

Accueil Studio and young audiences

Accueil Studio at the National Choreography Centre - Ballet of the Opéra national du Rhin can help set up links between professional dance companies in residence and school groups or dance schools (encounters, activities organised by the artists or attending work sessions).

Pasquale Nocerapnocera@onr.fr • Tel. +33 (0)3 89 45 94 14

Encounter with Opera Studio

The aim behind Opéra Studio is to bring lyric art to more remote geographical areas. It includes several projects set up with advisers for musical education, with singers visiting the classroom and performing a recital at the school.

Tailored to needs

Any specific projects aimed at helping young people to gain access to opera and dance can be examined. Such activities can come under schemes receiving backing (ACMISA or PAC projects).

A few examples: partnership with the Coteaux district in Mulhouse, Pfeffel priority education zone in Colmar, the CEL local educational projects in Strasbourg, cooperation between vocational textile courses and the costume workshops or construction courses and the scenery workshops etc.

On-stage reading

To encourage the active participation of students and pupils in the frame of specific projects, on-stage reading sessions can be organised: a school group presents artistic work to the Opera on the theme of the show currently being performed.