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Il barbiere di Siviglia - Bande-annonce
Il barbiere di Siviglia - Bande-annonce

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A citizenship contract

The Opéra national du Rhin is an internationally renowned cultural structure which is deeply rooted in the towns of Strasbourg, Colmar and Mulhouse and therefore has the infrastructure and duty to carry out region-wide actions. Our House fervently upholds its cultural policy and fosters widespread access to living culture, especially targeting young people, who represent over 25% of spectators.

This educational vision is capped by a social vision. Our cultural activities therefore target associations involving people from all walks of life, who show a true desire to discover opera and dance. Our task here is to guide them along their learning path by giving them the means to grasp this new world.

As a place where different social strata mix, the opera is a meeting point for both the inherent artistic fields (singing, dancing), and the specific trades and crafts involved. Its workshops (scenery, costumes, wigs, make-up, boot-making, props etc.) are all exciting facets of the Opera house.

Our partner associations are broad-ranging and deal in very different fields. We take each association and its target audience into account to setup the most pertinent project possible. Some people don't feel at home at the Opera. It is by offering them a little guidance that we can break down their apprehensions. Some cannot go to the Opera and so the Opera goes to them. Others cannot come to shows as they are traditionally performed and so we invent specific forms of performance for them.

Through our network of contacts in terms of educational and cultural action, we have set up a broad variety of projects with structures such as REP (priority education networks) in Mulhouse, Pfeffel secondary school in Colmar, and ARAME (an association caring for children with malignant diseases), PJJ (an association offering legal protection for young people), the Escale Social and Cultural Centre in La Robertsau, the Leisure Centre, Espace Bel Age, Sainte-Agnès retirement home and the Day Hospital in Colmar.

These long-term projects are built on a solid basis. They are proof of our deep commitment and citizenship.